Prism First Look!

March 1, 2019

by Marc Beinder

It’s February which means we are getting closer and closer to finishing up the first version of CentraCore Prism Web CMS. With that being said we want to show you some pictures of the interface. Please let us know any feedback or comments you may have. Here’s the first look at the blog post module […]

January Progress Update

February 1, 2019

by Marc Beinder

Brrrrrh. It’s cold out! Never the less we are staying in doors, heaters on with our fingers still numb from coding! If you’ve been following our roadmap, then you’re already in the know! The event and blog post editors are done and functional! We have created the test database as best we can at the current […]

End of Year Update and Product Roadmap

January 1, 2019

by Marc Beinder

Merry Christmas from Encore Media Systems! In addition to spending time with our families this Christmas, we’ve also been hard at work diligently developing Prism Web CMS. We’ve also created a product roadmap for you to check in and see our progress as the project continues. This month we don’t have any flashy updates for […]

Round 2! Here We Go!

December 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Hello again! Its time for colder weather, the holidays, and plenty of running around; Last month we sent out a survey for the purpose of finding out what you want most out of a few different options of projects we want to pursue. We learned from an overwhelming margin that you’d prefer us to build a custom Web […]

We Know You Have An Opinion… So Why Not Tell Us?

November 3, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Over the past several months we’ve been telling you what we’ve been doing. And yes, we know it’s been slow going. As we continue to develop the software, we want to periodically check in and see if we are on the right track. This is why we created this short 4 question survey to help […]

Start Using Metadata Today!

October 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Eureka! We’ve had plans for a month or two now on how to bring to you the Metadata for now playing that people have been asking for. Well after extensive testing we’re releasing our API for metadata to the public. This API lays the foundations for us being able to collect data on favorites and […]

Encore Media Has Partnered With StarBright Media!

August 14, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Throughout the production of CentraCore, Encore Media Systems consulted with many leaders and businessmen in the radio community to discuss the direction of CentraCore. Encore Media has partnered with StarBright Media to accomplish the design and refinement of CentraCore, ensuring the best product for our customers. StarBright Media is a company of young and passionate […]

How edgrRADIO Fit’s Into CentraCore

August 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

CentraCore and edgrRADIO edgrRADIO is much more than just a radio streaming app. It’s a component of the CentraCore Cloud Suite. As CentraCore Cloud continues to be developed, edgrRADIO grows as well. With edgrRADIO, users will be able to like their favorite stations and their favorite songs. When a listener likes a song, we’ll record […]

Help Bring CentraCore To Life! | June 2018 Update

July 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Hey There, We here at Encore Media have been working hard to bring to you a way to bridge the gap between you and your listeners. We are currently in the developmental stage and are looking for people who want to be involved in bringing radio into the 21st century. We aim to change the […]

The interface is done! Also, who’s the new guy? | May 2018 Update

June 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Envisioning and creating a product is never an easy task. When talking about functionality, appearance, and content, these are just some of the main components that a potential customer looks for. With only a couple minor changes to go, Encore has the pleasure to announce that CentraCore Cloud’s user interface is ninety-five percent complete. Functionality […]