Prism First Look!

March 1, 2019

by Marc Beinder

It’s February which means we are getting closer and closer to finishing up the first version of CentraCore Prism Web CMS. With that being said we want to show you some pictures of the interface. Please let us know any feedback or comments you may have.

Here’s the first look at the blog post module where you can easily see all posts whether they are active or not. Quickly access all posts at the click of a button to open the editor.

Easily edit blogs and events in quite the same fashion, however events specifically will allow you to add details pertaining to the time, date, and location of the event. The system will automatically check for any errors before following through to the next step.

The newest module, the slider bar allows you to show multiple images in sequence that automatically scroll through on your new homepage.

As always, keep up to date with our roadmap for all of our progress!

Happy Friday!
Marc Beinder
Founder and CEO
(636) 447 – 0556