Round 2! Here We Go!

December 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Hello again! Its time for colder weather, the holidays, and plenty of running around;

Last month we sent out a survey for the purpose of finding out what you want most out of a few different options of projects we want to pursue. We learned from an overwhelming margin that you’d prefer us to build a custom Web CMS for radio stations over the other projects, so this is the direction we are going to take first. That being said, we are trying to fill the gaps, and bring the best content to you, custom tailored to what you want. We need to know what you’d prefer to be put into this CMS design.

This 4 question survey should take less than 5 minutes and will shape how we create this product for the market.

Take the Short Survey

Thank you for your continued support of Encore Media Systems!
We look forward to hearing from you!