Start Using Metadata Today!

October 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Eureka! We’ve had plans for a month or two now on how to bring to you the Metadata for now playing that people have been asking for. Well after extensive testing we’re releasing our API for metadata to the public. This API lays the foundations for us being able to collect data on favorites and what consumers have liked while songs are played on the stations.

This will give our listeners the ability to find more content to engage with faster, as well as be able to predict what stations they’ll like to listen to. We will also be able to guide you in what content as stations to supply, to optimize your ranking on edgrRADIO. This also provides us one more stepping stone towards our development of CentraCore.

Thanks for continued support of Encore Media Systems
and our vision for the future.

To get your API key email!