Encore Media Has Partnered With StarBright Media!

August 14, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Throughout the production of CentraCore, Encore Media Systems consulted with many leaders and businessmen in the radio community to discuss the direction of CentraCore. Encore Media has partnered with StarBright Media to accomplish the design and refinement of CentraCore, ensuring the best product for our customers.

StarBright Media is a company of young and passionate individuals who seek to bring radio forward just as we do. We at Encore are extremely proud to work with StarBright Media COO Corbin Wentz on the project of CentraCore and edgrRADIO.

Wentz had this to say, “We here at Starbright Media are so excited to be working alongside Encore Media Systems, as we take the next step in our company’s journey to succeed. We are thrilled to be part of this amazing brand that believes in the same core values we do in radio stations. Let’s get this party started!”

edgrRADIO, a platform for station streams and listener interaction, has now become the primary streaming platform for all StarBright Media stations. Additionlly, edgrRADIO serves as the data collection platform that ties into CentraCore for the purpose of feeding information into the database, while simultaneously bringing listeners closer to the music that they want to hear.

Thanks for your continued support throughout our journey.