How edgrRADIO Fit’s Into CentraCore

August 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

CentraCore and edgrRADIO

edgrRADIO is much more than just a radio streaming app. It’s a component of the CentraCore Cloud Suite.

As CentraCore Cloud continues to be developed, edgrRADIO grows as well. With edgrRADIO, users will be able to like their favorite stations and their favorite songs. When a listener likes a song, we’ll record on which station it was played on in edgrRADIO.

With a subscription to CentraCore Cloud, you’ll be able to access this and more data in regards to your station in edgrRADIO.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Well that’s great! But why would I want to join edgrRADIO now?” And we’re glad you asked! A listing in the edgrRADIO app is completely free! And so is listening in edgrRADIO. There is no cost to the station, so your General Manager will be happy. And there’s no cost to use edgrRADIO, so you wallet is happy too! As to why you’d want to join edgrRADIO while song voting is currently in development and CentraCore is not yet available for sale? Simply put, we record the votes whether or not a station is subscribed to CentraCore Cloud. Should you chose to subscribe later down the road, know that edgrRADIO will have records of likes and dislikes for your station dating as far back as your listing in edgrRADIO. Once song liking is published of course! (We’re hoping that will be very soon!)

We hope this answered your big questions. Please keep in mind that edgrRADIO is still very new and we are exploring every idea to its fullest. If you have a suggestion or more questions, please let us know.

Send Marc Beinder an email at ( for all questions or comments you may have.

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