Help Bring CentraCore To Life! | June 2018 Update

July 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Hey There,

We here at Encore Media have been working hard to bring to you a way to bridge the gap between you and your listeners. We are currently in the developmental stage and are looking for people who want to be involved in bringing radio into the 21st century. We aim to change the game of how songs and advertisements are hand selected to maximize listener enjoyment and station revenue.

We’ve created this GoFundMe Page for offsetting the time and cost that this project has taken, as well as will take in the future. Any money raised will go directly to the continued development of CentraCore and will bring it to market quicker. A portion of the money raised will go towards hiring a dedicated programmer for the final stretch of the development process. If we can get 60 people to donate $50, then the goal will be met. That’s how doable this is! Help us revolutionize radio!

Thank you for your time and patience, as well as your continued interest and support!

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