The interface is done! Also, who’s the new guy? | May 2018 Update

June 1, 2018

by Marc Beinder

Envisioning and creating a product is never an easy task. When talking about functionality, appearance, and content, these are just some of the main components that a potential customer looks for. With only a couple minor changes to go, Encore has the pleasure to announce that CentraCore Cloud’s user interface is ninety-five percent complete. Functionality for this product has also been achieved.


Due to some ongoing changes in personnel, we’ve been sifting through coding trying to simplify it and make it better, lighter, and easier for our customers machines to handle discretely. The backend code will be changed significantly as we complete this simplification, along with changing the methods of populating the User Interface with information and maintaining a structured database. Our methodology behind this, is that we want this to run on as little system resources as possible for our customers.

Also, there’s nothing to worry about, as we continue to make these simplification and coding decisions, we are keeping the experience of the user in mind. Nothing that we change will affect how we will deliver this product to our customers, the back end will be less complex than we originally envisioned, but this will allow us time to expand the processing of data as well as keep us on schedule, and ultimately will propel us further in the long run as we release future updates and versions of CentraCore Cloud.


With Encore reaching the functional portion of our product, taking the forefront position of giving CentraCore it’s backend is new Lead Programmer, Eric Eby. 


If you would like to hear more about what the plan is for CentraCore please send us an email or give us a call.


Phone: 636-447-0556