Encore Media Systems was formed with a single vision in mind, software for radio stations on a budget. Back in 2016 our founder started creating CentraCore for his own hobby station. Soon he realized that other stations can’t afford large scale systems at astronomical prices. Once the demo version of CentraCore was complete, he recruited his friend and now President of Development, Daniel Christmas. Daniel has spent many hours, and a few mental breakdowns, bringing CentraCore to what it is today.

Marc B.

Founder & CEO

Radio is my passion! I constantly have it on and blaring. Anyone who knows me could tell you just how much. Some say too much, but I say not enough! Here at Encore Media I take all the ideas that I have about radio and make them available to you. I can’t wait until you get to see what CentraCore can do!

Daniel C.

Development & Design

I started learning how to program websites in 2009 using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through YouTube. My main inspiration for everything was Steve Jobs’ attention to detail. Then soon after that iPhone apps. In 2011 I became a YouTuber for a short while and during that time I decided to learn how to program video games using C#. So I guess you can say I have a background in programming and design.

Nick K.

Marketing & Communications

I’ve had a background in communications since I was young. Chances are if you’re communicating with us here at Encore, I’m your guy. Currently in school working towards a computer science degree, I am hungry for the opportunity to expand my horizon into the factual world of technology and development. I look forward to speaking and developing relationship with all of our customers potential and contracted. Have a great day!