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Welcome to Encore Media Systems. My name is Marc Beinder and I am the Founder & CEO here at Encore Media Systems. Over the past year we have been working to create a listener engagement platform that would help bridge the gap between you and your listeners. I am proud to say the we are getting closer and closer every single day to that dream.

As we were developing CentraCore, we began to realize that if we didn’t flush out the idea more, it would not be the success and the tool that we want it to be. Over many hours of deep thought and long staff meetings, we were able to come up with a solution to that problem.

Yes we are still going to help bridge that gap between you and your listeners, but also we are going to help stations use that data to better serve not only their listeners, but their advertisers. We are creating an interface that listeners will enjoy using and be inclined to give feedback with, while also processing their feedback into a form that is easy to understand and utilize by station staff.

We want to take it one step further as well, after processing that data, we are going to help you price the spots that you sell on your station. CentraCore will tell you the demographic info of your listeners and when they are listening based on their feedback. When you go to price a spot during afternoon drive and an advertiser purchases an ad targeted to males 18-24, you can raise the price of that ad because you know that is who is listening at that time.

CentraCore is growing and becoming something amazing. I can’t wait for your station to try it out once it is ready!

Marc Beinder
Founder & CEO

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